CNN’s John Avlon Slams Trump’s ‘Super-Spreader Tour’ Campaign Rallies: It Looks Like ‘Waiting …



CNN’s John Avlon called out President Donald Trump’s campaign for holding “super-spreader tour” rallies after incessant examples of his re-election team organizing events with no social distancing and a facade of enforcing mask wearing.

During a panel on Monday’s CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Avlon addressed what the host characterized as the Trump campaign’s “desperation in the final weeks of the election.” At a rally in Florida just hours earlier, a CNN reporter gathered a series of excuses and plenty of tortured logic from Trump supporters for why they refuse to wear a mask. And the campaign’s flouting of CDC safety guidelines has now prompted several major newspapers to pull their reporting teams from traveling with the president for fear of getting infected.

“Look, we know that Donald Trump needs the rallies as much as his campaign does just for his own ego, but to your point this is the super-spreader tour,” Avlon said. “And Donald Trump is getting energy from the crowds. He is getting affirmation that he needs. But, typically, he is not taking his supporters’ health into consideration just like he disregarded that of his staff.”

“You have folks waiting in line, crowding the space and it looks like, you know, waiting room for the Darwin Awards,” he added before alluding to massively long lines in neighboring Georgia on the first day of early voting. “In contrast, one state up, you got folks in line for hours and hours and hours to vote. That contrast that you began the show with between the two states that neighbor each other is so powerful and says a lot about where our country is today.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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