Classics for a Cause – Win a Classic Car!

Oz Lotteries is thrilled to offer a new charity lottery, Classics for a Cause. This team of classic car enthusiasts is giving you the chance to win a stunning classic car while helping to support various local charities. Through the Classics for a Cause lottery, the team helps raise funds and awareness to support grass-roots local charity organisations and improve the lives of Australians. 

Interested in learning more? Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about Classics for a Cause and the current draw. Learn how to enter, what prizes can be won, and how your support helps make a positive change.

Current Classics for a Cause Lottery

The current Classics for a Cause draw is Lottery number 5. You can win a one-of-a-kind $410,000 McLaren 650s Spider Supercar! First prize also includes 12 months of registration and comprehensive insurance (capped at $10,000), transfer duty, and delivery within Australia. 

Classics for a Cause convertible with open wing door.

With a custom super chrome wrap, this convertible McLaren is undeniably unique. It features a 650HP 3.8L Twin Turbo V8 engine, giving you incredible speed, acceleration, and power. While it’s certainly a supercar sensation, the leather interior with heated seats, soft-close doors, and carbon fibre body and interior pack offer you ultimate luxury and comfort.

Classics for a Cause interior view of steering wheel.

Tickets are limited and are selling fast! Get your Classics for a Cause tickets now at Oz Lotteries.


What is the Classics for a Cause prize?

Each draw, Classics for a Cause offers players the chance to win a stunning classic car. While the actual prize changes each draw, one lucky player each draw is guaranteed to win a car worthy of any car enthusiast’s wildest dreams! Associated costs are also covered, including transfer duty and registration, transfers within Australia, and a grant towards your first year’s insurance (capped at $10,000). You can view the latest prize now on Oz Lotteries.

Can I exchange or sell the prize?

Prizes, including registration and insurance costs, are not transferable or exchangeable for cash. While we are sure you’ll love the latest prize on offer, you can of course arrange to sell the car at your own discretion.

Odds and Tickets

What are the odds of winning the Classics for a Cause lottery?

The exact number of tickets, and consequently the odds of winning, may vary each draw. Currently, the odds of winning are 1 in 82,000.

Where can I buy tickets in the Classics for a Cause lottery?

Classics for a Cause raffle tickets are available to buy right here at Oz Lotteries – the home of Australian Charity Lotteries! You can see the current draw prize for Classics for a Cause and get your tickets to win here. 

Tickets are available to Australian residents over the age of 18. Due to government regulations, only residents from ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, TAS, and VIC are able to purchase tickets. 


What happens if I win?

Winners will be contacted directly by a Classic for a Cause representative. You’ll receive a call shortly after the draw and also receive a confirmation of the lottery results via email. Remember, it’s important to keep your contact details up to date in your Oz Lotteries account so you can be notified if you win! You can also check the latest Classics for a Cause results on our website. 

How do I claim and get the classic car if I win?

Information on how to receive your prize will be discussed when the Classics for a Cause representative contacts you. However, delivery to winners within Australia is included, along with the registration and insurance requirements for your state or territory. 

How Your Support Helps

The excitement and chance to win a classic car is always a great reason to play. Even better, whether you win or not, with every ticket purchased in the Classics for a Cause lottery, you’re supporting a worthy cause! Funds raised by the raffle go towards supporting local charity organisations. 

Charities Supported

Over $2 million has been raised by Classics for a Cause for Australian charities including: 

  • Heroes on the Homefront (HOTH): South Australian based HOTH, is a veteran’s services charity that connects veterans to support services and programs, while hosting family and community events. HOTH aims to provide efficient and effective solutions to the issues that face returning servicemen throughout their career and beyond.
  • WIRES – Wildlife Rescue: Operating everyday for over 30 years, WIRES assists the community by helping native animals in distress. Particularly following the 2019/2020 bushfire season, they play a critical role in rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for Australian wildlife.
  • Young Veterans: Addressing the needs of Australian veterans, the Young Veterans aim to re-engage, empower, and enrich the lives of returning servicemen. They operate a range of programs, events and activities within the community, and host fundraising and social opportunities.
  • NSW Rural Fire Service: With incredible service to the community, NSW Rural Fire Service has been fighting all kinds of fires, car accidents, and storms for over 100 years. They also work tirelessly to reduce the risk and damage of potential fires.  

Have your opportunity to win a stunning classic car, all while helping small Aussie charities to make a big difference. Get your Classics for a Cause tickets now.

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