Chance Kornuth Making Comeback In Heads-Up Challenge Match With Phil Galfond

When we last updated to you on the ongoing Heads-up Challenge match between Phil Galfond and Chance Kornuth, Galfond had taken a lead of over $177,000. Since then, Galfond further extended his lead, before Kornuth made an impressive comeback over the last two sessions. And after Tuesday’s session, Kornuth now sees himself down a modest $117,000.

With the challenge on break until next Tuesday, and previous funding issues on delaying the match (Kornuth hit his deposit maximum after his initial struggles), only three sessions have been played since October 2nd.

Let’s take a look at how Kornuth has cut Galfond’s lead by more than 50%.

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Day 9

After Galfond’s strong session on Friday, October 2nd, the pair returned for a short session on October 3rd. Despite only 196 hands being played, the fewest hands played in a session so far, Galfond finished up by winning another $103,000 from Kornuth to put his overall lead at $280,000.

So why was the session cut short? Kornuth’s slow start was to blame. Although Kornuth has the bankroll to continue, another $103k loss meant that Kornuth had to refund his account. The only problem — he had hit his deposit limits on the poker room.

Mike “O8Grinder” filled in for Nathan Gamble during the session to join host Henry Kilbane for the stream. You can watch the 2-hour session below:

[embedded content]

Day 10

After a few days of waiting for to rectify the deposit issue, Chance Kornuth was able to refund his account to time for a session on October 10th, where Galfond and Kornuth played 510 hands.

The break seemed to turn Kornuth’s fortune’s around as Kornuth bit into Galfond’s lead, winning $79,000 on the day, but still leaving Galfond up over $200,000 in the Challenge through Day 10.

Nathan Gamble returned to the booth with Henry Kilbane during the session for around 4 hours of play:

[embedded content]

To watch a condensed version of the match, poker fans can watch highlights of the session below:

[embedded content]

Day 11

With Day 10 held on a Saturday, it meant another small break for the Galfond/Kornuth Challenge until Tuesday, when the pair played another 540 hands.

The good vibes continued for Kornuth, as he won his second straight session and finished up the day with an $84,000 win, his best day thus far. The victory on the day meant that Kornuth had narrowed Galfond’s lead to $117k.

Thallo and Dylan Weisman took over the commentary duties on the day with the session that lasted over 5 hours.

[embedded content]

For a summary of the session, check out the video below:

[embedded content]

Chance Kornuth joins The Rake to discuss The Galfond Challenge

Kornuth was the latest guest of The Rake, which he hosted by Marle Cordeiro and Jaime Kerstetter, where he discussed his match with Galfond as well as the upcoming heads-up match between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu:

[embedded content]

Up next

Galfond and Kornuth took a break after the session on October 13th. They will return this Tuesday (October 20th) at 12:30 PM ET for their next session, which poker fans will likely continue to see some competitive poker and hopefully, no more deposit issues. Coverage will likely be streamed through the Henry Kilbane Twitch channel, although users can stay tuned to the Run It Once Twitter page for specific updates.

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