Capper Cup Week 5 Recap

LAS VEGAS — Ephemeral is our word of the week. Asked Siri and she told me that it means “lasting for a very short time.” And that’s what has been happening at the top of the Capper Cup leaderboard.

Week 5 Recap

Raphael Esparza bounced back into the penthouse with a 3-2 effort, bumping his total to 21 points, while Robert Ferringo hit just two of five and slipped to second place with 20.5 points. Both are members of Doc’s stable of guys that throw 98 mph.

But the YUGE news is a couple of FIVE AND OHs, BAABBBEEE!!!

Those belong to the Odds Shark capper from Brazil, Paulo Antunes, and John Jastremski from WFAN Sports Radio. Gotta focus on Paulo’s 5-0, because he did it with all totals. So, we’re gonna vote. Should we call Paulo Mr. Five & Oh, or Mr. Over/Under???

We’ll tally the votes and let you know. Also gonna put in a call to Paulo and see if he can get me an intro to one of my dream girls, the SPECTACULAR Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro! Heard she was dating Joakim Noah, but my three-point game is WAY better than his.

Of course, I’ll continue to keep both eyes on all of these Cappers, and we’ll be back each week with our recap to let you know who IS and who AIN’T!

You can find a list of all the standings right here.

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