Capesize bulk carrier devastated by authorities

Capesize bulk carrier PATRICIA OLDENDORFF left Gwangyang, Korea, on Aug 30, bound for Hedland Australia, on Sep 4 she entered Manila Bay and anchored, obviously for the purpose of crew change. She left Manila next day and headed for Australia. She anchored at Hedland anchorage on Sep 16, and in Sep 16-18 period, almost all the crew with just two exceptions (soon to be p-tested, too), were positive tested. As of morning Sep 28, 13 crew were already taken ashore and put into quarantine hotel. “They cant leave their rooms, food and other provisions are brought to them as required, a temporary fence has been set up around the hotel to strengthen security measures at the quarantine hotel” (they weren’t shot, let’s credit WA Government with that). Of the remaining 9 crew, 7 were p-tested, and there are security and rapid response teams on board of hapless bulk carrier. The crew at this stage are either non-symptomatic, or they are (have) very few symptoms – said WA Health minister Roger Cook. Mr Cook warned there is a risk of new outbreak in the state if its not contained, with more cases expected to come from the ship. “If it gets out into the community it will create a disaster, worse than what we’ve seen in Melbourne ,” he said.

News like this one are beyond any sensible, sane comment. What is it all about, this tests crazy lottery or Russian roulette? It is already officially acknowledged (by CDC, for one), that the existing test process is to put it mildly, prone to many faulty test results. Healthy people are kept under arrest, called nowadays “quarantine”. What is it they are to be cured of, and how, if they’re, for all purposes, healthy?! Why from time to time, out of blue sky, absolutely randomly and without any traceable pattern, authorities throughout the world find mass infections on board of ships?
If anything, shipping in itself is a living and sailing proof of “pandemic” being a hoax. Be this “pandemic” anywhere close to “deadly”, half of world merchant fleet by now, should already become ghost ships, with dead or dying crews. Instead, we don’t have even one proved case of a death on board, caused by virus.
Reading nowadays news, I sometimes, find myself at a loss – am I reading historic chronicles of Dark Ages, or modern news from countries, once considered to be developed? Though speaking frankly, I’m more surprised to stumble on anything sane, if it comes from Australia, or NZ, or Canada, or US, or EU. Sane news are disappearing rare.

Bulk carrier PATRICIA OLDENDORFF, IMO 9464584, dwt 114753, built 2010, flag Liberia, manager HARTMANN DRY CARGO GERMANY.

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