Can Bookies Ban You For Winning?


Can bookies ban you from winning is a question we often get asked, and the answer is YES! But even if you’re winning a lot of money from them, most bookmakers will take a variety of steps before stopping you from betting with them. Stopping you betting with them can mean on-course, in their shops, or by closing your phone or online account.

Steps Bookies May Take Before Closing Your Account

The first question a bookmaker will consider about a punter who has won a lot of money from them is are they likely to win more or are they more likely to give them some, all, or even more back than the sum of money they’ve won.

A small independent bookmaker that I know told me he once had a punter he’d never seen before come in his shop and place a £100 reverse forecast on two horses in a race. The bet duly won, and the punter pocketed a cool £10,000 for his £200 investment.

The man then wrote out another £100 reverse forecast, but the bookmaker declined the bet and asked the man to take his business elsewhere. The story goes that the man went into another betting shop further up the road and promptly lost £21,000 in that shop before the day was out.

So, you can see that bookies face a dilemma as to whether they should ban a winner or risk that he will lose those winnings and more in the long run.

Such is the competitiveness of modern bookmaking; most bookmakers will take steps before banning a punter completely. Bookmakers have the power to limit the amount of money you can have on any selection they choose. You may want to have £100 on a horse but a bookmaker is within his rights to limit you, for example, to a £10 bet.

Some bookmakers will also rescind certain concessions that are freely available to most punters. For example, if you have a habit of picking winners that drift in the market, don’t be surprised if you’re stripped of BOG (best odds guaranteed) on all your bets.

Do Bookmakers Close The Accounts Of Professional Punters?

Closure of bookmaker accounts is an issue that professional punters have been dealing with since betting began and, of course, many have had accounts closed by bookmakers. To avoid this, professional punters have devised a variety of measures.

Pro punters that have had all their accounts closed often employ other people to put bets on for them. This often takes place on-course where it is more difficult for bookmakers to pick up betting patterns.

Many pro punters will also spread their bets around many bookmakers, meaning winnings are paid out in smaller amounts, which tends to mean they won’t get flagged-up in the same way that a big winning bet would.

Some pro punters have also become professional tipsters, charging monthly subscriptions to punters that are only too happy to pay for advice that will help them make a profit from horse racing. This is similar to the pro punter spreading his bets about or getting people to put his bets on for him. The only difference is other people place winning bets and simply pay the tipster for his services.

How Do I Stop The Bookies Banning Me For Winning?

If you’re great at picking winners or making a profit from betting by following a proven professional tipster, there are a variety of ways you can limit the chances of them banning you.

The first step is to open a variety of betting accounts so that you can spread your bets around. If you have £30 on a 20/1 winner with one bookmaker, this will probably go unnoticed. But if you win several similar bets in a small period of time, the bookmaker is likely to sit up and take notice.

It’s much better to have £10 bets with three different bookmakers, as a £200 win will go under the radar much easier than a £600 win. Most professional tipsters will advise a bet at odds that are available at more than one bookmaker.

Of course, by having lots of betting accounts, there are literally hundreds of combinations of bookmakers you could use. For example, Ladbrokes, Coral, and William Hill may be offering the best odds about your first bet, while Bet365, Betfred, and Paddy Power could be offering the best odds about your second bet. You can then combine these and many more bookmakers into different combinations, making it much harder for bookmakers to spot betting patterns.

Utilize Betting Exchanges

Even if bookmakers do close all your accounts for winning too much, betting exchanges such as Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook, or Betdaq means you’ll always have somewhere to place bets without fear of your account being closed.

But it’s better to get ahead of the game and also use betting exchanges as a regular betting platform. It’s true that most professional tipsters will advise selections at odds that are available with more than one bookmaker (at Betting Gods ALL of our published tips and results use odds available with a minimum of 3 bookmakers), but this is because of a liquidity issue, as it allows many punters that follow tipsters to get on at the advised odds.

The problem with betting exchanges is you aren’t guaranteed to get a price, as the markets fluctuate quickly depending on demand and supply. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab a bigger price on the exchanges about your tipster’s selections if one is available.

But betting on the exchanges does come with a small caveat, as you won’t get BOG on any of your bets. But if you’ve already had that concession limited at some bookmakers, that won’t matter.

The other interesting angle about the Betfair Exchange is Betfair SP, as Betfair SP returns are normally bigger than industry SP’s. Some tipsters promote Betfair SP bets as these won’t shorten the odds of selection with bookmakers or exchanges. Indeed, Betfair SP returns can be very lucrative if a selection is a drifter with the bookmakers.

What you do need to factor in when betting on the exchanges is you have to pay commission on your winnings, so you’ll need to work out whether the exchange odds minus any commission is better than the odds that are available with the bookmakers.

We hope that’s answered your question, can bookies ban you for winning.

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