Bovada is a SCAM, do not use it

I can only vouch for the casino side of Bovada being a scam. But here’s the basics of what happened: Last week I made 2 separate deposits of $100 and $200. Then at the start of THIS week, I deposited another $100. The day after my final deposit, I saw duplicate charges on my account for the first two charges ($100 and $200). I tried to talk to live support that talks in the live games but they gave me the work around saying the website handles it and to talk to them. So I send in an email to the support and wait. Days go by and finally yesterday, I get my money refunded. But there was no response, let alone an apology from support on how this happened. And then TODAY, I just found a duplicate charge of my most recent deposit. I’ll provide screenshots of the most recent duplicate. This site is a scam and will try to double charge you for everything you do, and won’t even apologize when you notice. Do not use them.

Bovada scam

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