Bettors Accuse William Hill of Cheating

Some gamblers have accused the American division of William Hill of cheating, claiming they are deliberately delaying the acceptance of in-game bets in Las Vegas. However, while some players me hold the company is creating an unfair advantage against their customers, others say the issue does not quite rise to that level.

In a statement to Sports Handle, William Hill flatly denied the claims, and indicated it may seek legal action against one of the accusers. This wasn’t the first time William Hill has been accused of cheating on social media by declining a wager before changing the line. One gambler reported an instance of that in late 2019.

One prominent professional sports bettor who wished to remain anonymous offered this explanation: “I… don’t think it’s ‘cheating’…they have an inefficient process for approving live bets,”. For more on the accusations against William Hill you can visit the Sports Handle.

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