Baccarat – The Dutch Syndicate

Hi Guys, I wanted to place this here because I would like to know your opinion on this. Please just your honest opinion and some good and helpful advice. My English not the best (I’M Dutch) but let’s see how goes.

There is a group here in Holland calling themselves The Dutch Syndicate run by one guy that’s has the ‘secret. What they do is actually pretty interesting. No, not making millions yet, but looks profitable for what I have seen so far with a lot of potential if you ask me.

First you have to understand that here in the Netherlands gambling is not done. Especially if you compare with Asia and the US. So the times that these guys go live it’s whenever they have time left on weekdays after work etc. For the last couple weeks that I have been watching and registering their games it was almost all on the Tuesday evenings for 1 or 2 hours tops.

So what happens is, on a specific day and time they all go into a live videocall as we know like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. All from their own home or where ever they are with a laptop computer. Everyone has their own private account with their own balance at a live dealer casino. It doesn’t matter which one, if it is William-Hill or Bet888 of Unibet, all doesn’t matter as long if on their they can make use of the same live dealer streaming from for example the company Evolution Gaming. U guys probably know them form:

Next they all choose the same live table and when the game starts ‘The Baccarat Whistler’ as we call him starts his magic. Well magic perhaps not the right word but with the betting scheme they all use they place a bet on the side that is being told by TBW. When bet is lost they go to next step on scheme and when won they initial bet. For example 5 euro. It’s a combo from the Martingale betting system with a security build in for egalite. When tie also earnings and they go back to square one. The max. clime they have is up to 6 losses in a row which I haven’t seen for the last couple of months. The thought behind that is if bet #7 is lost, the time to recuperate is not interesting. Also a proper bankroll has to do with that decision as max. amount used here is 929 euros in total, so incl. bet 6. TBW doesn’t places bets for himself because he is doing the writing and reading of the deck. After the live session all guests pay him 50% in commission.

As mentioned for the last couple of months I have been observing and registering how they do their thing and have been climbing in bankroll ever since. I will also add some pics of my notes I took while they had there live sessions. No big piles of money what they aim for (for now),but 150-250 a night. Again there Dutch.

Reason I place it here is that so far as I have been reading on several posts and I believe you guys are much more experienced that I will ever be and have lots of knowledge on these kind of topics. SO please share some thought and I bet there are some points of improvement.

Please remember I’m living in Holland so might be bit longer that u are used to get replies.

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