5 things customers DO NOT know about Costco (but should)

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Costco has the lowest gas prices in the country.

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It is likely that you have been going to this store for years, but surely there are many things that you still do not know about it. For this reason, below, we share some information that could be useful to you to get more out of it or simply to get to know it better.

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1 – Costco has a magazine

Believe it or not, the company has a monthly publication that reaches almost 13 million people. Here, Costco posts celebrity interviews, recipes, and coupons. It is also available online, according to Cheapism.

2 – Sell diamonds

Cost also offers high-end products, including a $ 420,000 platinum band that features a 10-carat diamond.

3 – Costco is a secret pizzeria

There are a large number of Costco stores, over 500, and all of them sell a huge amount of pizzas, so we can classify this store as one of the main pizza chains in the US.

4 – It is also a large car agency

Costco sold more than 520,000 cars in 2017, ranking it alongside the nation’s top dealer groups.

5 – Costco sells very cheap gasoline

While the price of this product varies depending on your location, Costco gas is usually 6 to 12 cents cheaper per gallon compared to the competition.

Remember that these places do not accept cash, but you can use a Visa card, a Costco credit card, a debit card, or a Costco cash card.

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