5 Profitable MLB Betting Tips for 2020

5 Profitable MLB Betting Tips for 2020

This year’s MLB season isn’t like any other. The season is short by design. Fans can’t attend, and a handful of players are sitting out. What does that mean for bettors? It’s never been more important to be cautious with your bets.

Some teams are playing baseball as if they will never play again. Others can’t wait for this MLB season to end. That said, we’ve prepared five of the best MBL tips to follow this year. Sounds good? Let’s get into it.

Learn the Basics of Baseball

This seems obvious, but you can’t succeed as a bettor unless you know the MLB basics. How many divisions and championships are there? How many player positions are there? How is a baseball game won?

You see, these are essential things to know in baseball. You can bet on 30 teams in the MLB and 2,430 games in a full season. Each team plays 162 games. But this year, each franchise will play 60 games: 10 games against each divisional competitor.

Another change to this year’s season is that teams are limited to a roster of 26 players for most of the season. However, they will be allowed to prepare a 40-man roster if some people get sick along the way.

Choose Value Odds

One of the best things about betting on baseball is that there are many outcomes you can predict.

· Money line

· Run line

· Totals

· Propositions

· Parlays

The simplest bet type is wagering on the team to win a game: money line. You pick two teams, research about their performance, and predict which side wins.

The best benefit of money line is that some matches are easy to predict. Take the Yankees vs. Red Sox as an example. New York leads 4-0 at home and tops the AL East. In contrast, Boston is last and has lost nine out of 14 games.

For most people, the Yankees have the advantage and look most like to win a matchup against Boston. Unfortunately, such a game will usually have terrible odds.

Because you’re after making decent money, a better alternative is to chase quality odds and not easy wins. Find the odds of different bet types and wager on what gives you the best value.

Choose a Good MLB Betting Site

Online betting is now legal in over a dozen states. That means you no longer need to leave your house to bet on sports. It also means you can get better odds, bonuses, and fast payments than betting shops usually provide.

To find a reliable betting site, you need to consider several factors: license, website design, odds provided, bonuses, reputation, and payment policies. If you don’t have the time to check all these things, visit a bookmaker review website.

Sports betting review websites do the legwork for you so that all you need is to choose a bookmaker and create an account. You can also choose to bet on baseball through your iPhone. It’s more convenient, after all.

Set Achievable Goals

If you’re like many people, sports betting isn’t your primary source of income. It’s simply a way to have fun and make some money online. For these reasons, set achievable goals based on your betting budget.

If you have $100 to spend, it’s easier to earn $150 than $1000. Unfortunately, far too many people attempt to become rich overnight. They bet on parlays with little experience about it. Or they wager on propositions without realizing the risk involved.

Professional bettors succeed because they set budgets and achievable goals. For example, they might bet only 2% of their bankroll at a time. And when it comes to actual betting, they choose high-value wagers to maximize their profits.

Never Chase Losses

Chasing losses means betting to win more money than you lost in your previous wager. It’s a dangerous game that can wipe out your bankroll. It assumes the only way to succeed in baseball is through luck. And the best way to get lucky is to bet until your win.

That’s not true. If you lose continuously, reevaluate your strategies. Find out what you’re doing wrong, and you’ll start to win consistently sooner or later.

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